SYOSSET, N.Y. 11791 
What Makes the FIVESON PROGRAM Unique?

My weight loss program is unique because it is not a diet but a way of life.  It is a lifestyle change which promotes the development of a positive self image along with a plan for healthy eating.  It combines psychology and physiology with nutrition and encourages people to learn about themselves and the impact their food choices have on their bodies and their lives.  My clients not only lose weight, they are successful maintaining the loss.
As I meet individually with my clients, I assess the triggers and attitudes that influence their food behaviors and choices.  I teach them to focus in on their particular difficulties and suggest ways to amend and avoid problematic situations and habits.  I have the fortune of getting to know my clients intimately and the relationships we form are based on mutual respect and trust.  They want to listen to me “talk the talk” because they know that I have and continue to “walk the walk.”  I walk it as an individual in the maintenance mode and I walk it in partnership with them, holding their hands when needed, coaching, prompting, and very, very often, applauding.
My program is based on eliminating the foods that make people fat.  These are often the same foods that negatively impact mood, affect, and energy levels.  There’s always something “right” to eat and my clients learn to eat the foods they can control and benefit from.  It is not about feeling hungry or deprived.  It is about what you do to satisfy the feelings; what you choose to eat.  It’s about being proactive and having a ready supply of “healthy” foods on hand.  It’s about drinking a sufficient amount of water, getting exercise, and taking one step at a time.  I look for steady, consistent results and behavior changes.  My weight loss plan is nutritionally sound and it guarantees long term results because it is based on the commitment to lifestyle changes.  
The food plan I endorse is free of gluten, flour, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.  These elements are what cause people to lose their control as they incite cravings and “addictions”.  Clients are welcome to prepare their own food or purchase my line of products.  There are always choices and I encourage people to exercise their free will.  Self love, respect, and acceptance are integral to weight loss and maintenance.  When people are accountable they make wiser choices.  When people feel empowered they are much more apt to find success.
Clients have remarked that I “will them to lose weight”, that I am “tolerant and acceptant”, “motivating and positive”, “flexible”, “realistic and honest”.  They have said that I “help them change the way they view food”, understand slip ups”, and “get them to take responsibility for their own outcomes.”  Clients have complimented me as being “understanding”, “motivating”, “consistent”, and “reinforcing”.  They have found coming to my office “like therapy”, “supportive”, and “revitalizing”.
My weight loss plan is a complete package.  It includes education about nutrition and health, a flexible and individualized food plan, and counseling and support as clients begin to and continue to change their eating styles and habits.  When people harness their inner strength and overcome their cravings, they gain the ability to eat with control.  Their brain chemistry is altered by eliminating the trigger foods and they are able to maintain their weight losses.  Successful clients have learned that their eating decisions have consequences and rewards and the choices they make are their own.
My clients bear witness to the success of my program.  They have learned and internalized the truth that “you are what you eat”.  My weight loss program is about making the right choices and eliminating the bad ones. Clients have accomplished weight loss and are successfully maintaining it because they believe that “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.  They have taken what I have given them, the strength and encouragement and self-trust and internalized it; they have learned to make educated, fulfilling choices and become masters of their own destinies.

by Linda Fiveson
Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling
SYOSSET, N.Y. 11791