Linda Says... 
"You can quote me!"

“If you eat it, you own it.” 

Linda Says... 
                             "You can quote me!"

       “NO Wheat. NO sweet.”                                                                                                 

“1 day off = 3 days on.”

“Your fingers are NOT utensils.”  

“N” before “ONE” = NONE!”

“NO food negotiations.”

“Say NO to cellophane bags!”

“Food-free driving!” 

“Obstacles are not something that get in the way.  Obstacles are when you look away from your goals.”

“Listen to the voice of Reason NOT the voice of Treason!”

“If you talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk.”

“Don’t choose food according to your mood.” (or its packaging!)

“Mirror, mirror on the wall.  I am what I eat after all!”

“In your mouth, on your thighs…” (Think BEFORE you eat!”)

“Don’t indulge – Fight the bulge!”

“If you bite it, you should write it!” (Keep a food journal!)

“When in doubt, do without!” (Weigh your options!)

“Out of sight, Out of mouth!”

"Sticks and stones may break your bones BUT calcium will help make them strong!”

“When temptation strikes, remember this tip – Rather than eating it, zip your lip!”

“When you strive to maintain, you may not lose but neither will you gain!”

“Make good choices about what to eat – it will help avoid defeat!”

“Cut out the sugar and cut out the wheat.  Being healthy is a much better treat!”

“If your mouth you do not stuff, you’ll be able to tell when enough’s enough!”

“Don’t give up – go the distance… You must be patient and have persistence! 

"The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline!”

SYOSSET, N.Y. 11791